Friday, July 28, 2006

Sketching from the SoFA IV

Thanks everyone who commented on SoFA!

(demented) When starting off it's always a question who likes the back and forth c&c and who doesn't. I'm glad to be able to get some good talk going.

Markers are fun and also frustrating. I agree, Mentler's quality is a lot to live up to. I think that I need to draw with more courage and speed. I drag my pen too slowly, and the vitality suffers.

(sonboss) I'm using the disposable Koh-I-Noors, and some of the Tombo ABT markers with one stiff nib and the other end a long, flexible brush-like nib. I haven't quite tamed the brush end yet.

Here, today I left the markers for a bit last night. I did a drawing from

1.) tv
2.) a photograph (the really loose suggestive one)
3.) from an image that popped into my head (the one on black)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sketching from the SoFA III

Here's today's (drawn last night). I don't feel as productive today. I wanted to do more eye studies. Hmmmmm... well, tonight I will draw some more

I think the portrait drawing of the lady was bugging me.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sketching from the SoFA II

Here is the second day. I did some more sketching while watching a DVD. I like doing this because I can see the same faces from all different angles, and in action poses. It is good for me when I don't get the opportunity to draw many live models.

I liked the over the shoulder dramatic look in this one.
Here is just a closer view.
Here is a sketch I did while sitting at a coffee shop.
Here are more studies of the over the shoulder look as she rotated her head around.
A view in profile...
A detailed drawing of a man's fac.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sketching from the SoFA

I have decided to begin a sketchbook (over on I was inspired by Mentler's marker sketches, and decided to learn myself. I have never done markers before, but am having fun with them.

I did some sketches from television stills, and movies that I have watched.