miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2012

Kevin Posing at the Plattner's Place

The Artists Drawing

Kevin as Perseus
Kevin hunched over

martes, 29 de mayo de 2012

Sketching on Transportation

Sketching the Train Platform
Sketching a bus rider

lunes, 28 de mayo de 2012

domingo, 27 de mayo de 2012

Ted Drewes

This was fun to take a bit of time to sketch the ever moving crowd of people.

Ted Drewes

sábado, 26 de mayo de 2012

Eric Peniston Posing

Eric Peniston posed at my studio and I did this little sketch. Sometimes I like to sketch right inside a beat up old framing mat as it helps me compose. I may start out drawing in the middle somewhere and shift the sketch around a bit until the open space in the mat window is pretty much filled. It is like a strategy game that eventually reduces the drawing to its final form.

Sketch of Eric in costume
One of Eric's many self-made costumes

viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

Bus Ride

Metro Platform
I do these sketches on the train or bus, but for later reference I sometimes snap a picture. Sometimes I like to do something more finished later. The sketches help establish a compositional idea.

Bus Seating

jueves, 24 de mayo de 2012

miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012

On Chris Manzo's Rooftop

Mark posing

Chad and Ale posing

lunes, 21 de mayo de 2012

viernes, 18 de mayo de 2012

Fantasy Drawing - 5/2012

Poses 1

Poses 2

Poses 4
Poses 5

miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2012

martes, 15 de mayo de 2012

Forest Park Tired Rider

Tired metro riders waiting for train at end of the day

lunes, 14 de mayo de 2012

domingo, 13 de mayo de 2012

Francis Park Sketches

Francis Park Facing East - Drawn from the center of the park.

Corner of Eichelberger & Donovan. - Ascension Lutheran Church

Young men playing soccer - Watercolor sketch

Young men playing soccer - Watercolor sketch

The Trees - Watercolor sketch

The Trees - Watercolor sketch

sábado, 12 de mayo de 2012

Paint Webster

Painted plein aire at Paint Webster
Hey, I didn't win, but Michael Anderson took home an award!

Watercolor Sketch of Ozark Theatre

Ozark Theatre

Ozark Theatre

Ozark Theatre

viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

jueves, 10 de mayo de 2012