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Digital Treatment of Audery Pen Sketches

I did these after the fact so my reference on skin tones was not completely correct. I think they produced a pleasing result nevertheless.



Texture and Color Studies on the iPad

iPad texture and color studies

Drawn Chart Copy from Bammes Anatomy Book

This is an anatomy proportional chart from an anatomy text by Gottfried Bammes.

Proportion Exploration 
The large correlation between the distances within the whole body

When building a figure after life, knowledge and the interrelation of forms play a primary role in portraying the disposition of the figure. They stand, with different objectives and applications for primary practical artistic workshop use. 

The most famous artistic and didactic examples are that of Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Dürer. Both documented useful procedures. The rules are based on the determination of the organic structure of the figure. With the help of the comparison of the same or similarly long distances we gain overview and organization. We are guided by measuring from the living model and explore (see figure): 
  • The line of symmetry of the central figure (strong red line from top to bottom) can be on the female body in the level of the pubic bone or of equal length share greater trochanter (= geometric center of the body, red arrows) in an upper and lower length. 
  • The sub-Long (leg length) is inserted through the intermediate form of the patellar rim (= position of the knee gap, strong black arrow) marks the middle of the length (= a body quarter). 
  • In the ascent of the nipples axis is in most cases below the upper body quarter (dashed line). 
  • Frequently halved the tip of the chin, the upper quarter (strong black arrow). This results in a proportional rule(canon), which in our example, the head is one-eighth of the total length. It is a suitable standard size (module) for further investigations distance on the height and depth (see also the profile figures). 
From the fact of the breakdown in each quarter let be concluded: A chair seat on the end of their reduced body height by a quarter (= thigh length), one on the ground sitting around half of its total height. 

The largest width dimension of trochanter to trochanter measuring just under a quarter to a full body. 

The different arrow shapes indicate various important bullet points: 

  • red arrows indicate bullets I. Ranges
  • full black arrows: bullets 2 Ranges
  • linear arrows: bullet points 3 Range 
  • thin arrows: bullet points 4 Ranges

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Composition Sketching

Composition Tumbnail Sketches

Large Composition Sketch

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Audery at Concrete Ocean

2 minute sketches

10 minute sketch

10 minute sketch

10 minute sketch

20 minute sketch

10 minute sketch

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Vanessa the Ballerina

Vanessa Portrait
Sketch - Vanessa Standing [Back]
Sketch - Vanessa Standing [Front]
Elaine and John Drawing
Vanessa taking some Ballet poses for the artists:


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Watercolor Ballet Composition Sketches

In the Studio

Ballet Class

Three Dancers


Taking Instruction
Ballet Gestures

Ballet Sketches

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Violet Lafaye - Graphite on Charcoal Paper

I said a bit ago that I wanted to try some traditional media again after all the digital stuff. Here is a graphite drawing. I should have done without the white highlights. It just didn't seem as bright as I would have liked. Next time I may choose a bit paler paper, or a darker charcoal. Somehow the range needs to be expanded a bit. It seems graphite doesn't lend itself to deep shadow areas as much as stick charcoal would.
Graphite on Charcoal Paper

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Five Minute Sketches

Take the approach to the one minute sketches and don't alter it except when the minute is up continue for the remaining five minutes. Try all the while to continue to focus on the big shapes and work your way down to the details as 5 minutes will allow.

Five Minute Sketches

Five Minute Sketches

Do not be discouraged at first if this seems difficult or you are not achieving satisfactory results. Just continue and keep in mind the looser you hold on the pen and let it move freely in your hand while imagining that your hand is tracing the forms as it moves, the better you will train your hand and eye to work together. Time spent paying attention to this and practicing will pay off.

15 Minute Sketch - Pilot Razor Point Pen
10 Minute drawing with Pencil Under-Drawing(erased)

One Minute Gesture Sketching

When sketching on the spot with people all around and moving from one pose to another, nothing can be counted on to stay in one place for very long. For this reason, it is good to be in practice at capturing the essentials very rapidly so that if fortune allows us to work longer, we at least have a good foundation to sketch upon.

One minute sketches

Sometimes when sketching  people or animals, it is not the details that we are after but a quick sense of the changing motions that people make. Have you ever noticed that some of the most interesting poses that people take are not the ones that they set themselves into as models, but the in-between gestures that they take while doing very natural things. All these moments can be studied with quick skills at gesture drawing.

One minute sketches
If it can be remembered from the very start of a session of such drawing: we must not try to stay in one place too long with the drawing instrument, but instead to get very rapidly a sense of the placement of the whole figure in space. Probably in the first 10 seconds there should be a few strokes that lay out the basics and constrain the form in all its extremities.

The figure has five major limbs like a star. Think how long it takes to draw a star. Can you begin to draw the figure with such rapid and confident action?

Note on Materials: I chose this time to draw with a Staedler Lumocolor F pen because it flows rapidly and is relatively blunt with regard to conveying detail. It would be futile to try to capture any serious detail with it, so I am forced by the choice to instead focus on the gesture as I should do in one minute sketches

Bus Sketch

a sketch of the morning bus ride

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Violet Le Fae at Concrete Ocean

One Minute Gestures

Five Minute Gestures

Ten Minute Sketches

Ten Minute Sketches

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New Rapidograph Pen

Playing with a new KOH_I_NOOR Rapidograph pen.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Chad Posing at Tavern of Fine Arts

2 minute sketches

5 minute sketch

5 minute sketch

10  minute sketch

20 minute sketch
20 minute sketch