Monday, December 5, 2016

frank hilzerman: An example of comic simplicity

sunny morning

On a recent trip to the used book store I found some inspirational material.

I was looking for some books to show a variety of things that can be done with drawing. The book on comics was especially of interest since it showed how a few well placed lines can convey such humor and emotion.

On a recent trip to the used book store I found some inspirational material.

Inspirational Gestural Sketches

I was searching ad found this Tumblr page with an inspiring number of expressive gesture sketches. Please check it out.

This makes me want to get a good pad of cheap newsprint and a Prismacolor Ebony pencil and really get into such gestures again. There is a joyful minimalism to it.

It reminds me of the simplicity of some sumi ink drawings that I did in 2009.I have been wanting to re-explore that too. So, I suppose it was a good coincidence that I found the previously mentioned Tumblr blog.

Colleen the Dancer


This post is about changes. I have dealt with some personal loss and pain  recently and without going into details, it feels like a good time to return to center in order to deal with emotions productively. I have depended too heavily on individual persons for support or conversation and need to find a way to sit with feelings and just own them to resolution.

I remember back in 2006 I put a description on my YouTube page that still applies.

"I enjoy drawing and painting, bicycling, reading, languages, monkeying around with a guitar and hanging out at coffee shops. Also, hanging around odd ends of the city drawing whatever is in my head or in front of my eyes at the moment."

I think in the world, we loose track of what is important to us. Also, the politics of the day can scare us into getting off center. I just want to add three more things to that list of things above to focus on now. That would be:

1.) Relationships (friends/family)
2.) Being more involved in local politics of positive change
3.) Professional advancement

All of those things above, I would like to make some progress in ways that I could agree that they are an authentic part of what I do and am.

That's enough of the words. Now the action in this blog and other efforts that I am involved in.