Monday, December 4, 2023

Fortune Express

 Fortune Express

This drawing captures the north, east and south walls of a Chinese Express restaurant. I sat and waited for dinner and  captured the scene.

After a few drawings, I want to go back to the drawing of Haul N' Oats in Muncie Indiana (a few posts back) and redraw it in more Equirectangular perspective.

Olivette Diner

 I stopped into the Olivette Diner for a Tuesday lunch on November 28h. Here again is a 270 degree view of the diner. 

These feel like studies. I need to clean up my technique and line work. Here however I am concerned with figuring out the relationship between north and south and capturing an accurate idea of the volume of the space.


 Lately I have been fascinated again by equirectangular perspective. I played with such things maybe 8 or so years ago and then recently followed people like Paul Heaston and his blig and took a renewed fascination. This was the first of a series that began on November 26th after returning from Muncie Indiana.

I like the idea at least if not capturing 360 degrees, at least capturing 270 degrees, which would for example capture one two side walls and a wall in front. In this case above, the west window, the north window and the east wall are captured.
You can see as I drew off in the left corner the wave patterns that the perspective points make from west to east and north to south as three dimensional space is represented flatly in two dimensions.


Haul N' Oats - Muncie IN


Sunday, November 26, 2023

Sketching at Kaldis


Monday, September 25, 2023

Thursday, September 21, 2023

New Drawing Based on a Nov 19, 2013 Drawing

Original Colored Pencil Drawing

 Progression with new Pencil Drawing



This drawing was inspired at least in the use of materials by the video below. I want to refine my use of tools and technique. At least it is a target to aim at.