Monday, March 6, 2023

Recently taken up plain air painting

 I have recently taken up plain aire painting with a local group who meets in various locations around Saint Louis, MO. Last week we painted at Queen Park, and before that it was Forest Park a few weeks prior.

So many of the artists in that group are very dedicated. I should say that they all appear to be. It is a certain type of discipline to get up on Saturday morning at 8:00 am or earlier and commence to painting. For me, I am using acrylic at the moment, but for others it is generally oil. Perhaps if I can get a setup together that allows me to paint while letting the small paintings cure in my car trunk, that will allow me to do it. I just don't like oil paintings curing in my home because of ventilation issues.

For the time being, the plain aire painters have been very encouraging and helpful. One in particular a Gino, who is very knowledgeable, has helped set me up with a good portable easel. I was formerly just using a collapsible camping  chair with side pockets.

Next week, I may be standing. I found this GEEKOTO portable tripod for relatively not too much. This should do the job with my setup for the near future.

We shall see how it works out. I hear they have scheduled to paint at Bee Tree Park next week. I suppose I could head out there mid-week and get some preliminary studies and block in a composition to finish with the others next week. They do often seem to do one location multiple weeks in a row.

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