Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Rehashing the Past

One thing that I want to do at some point is to go back and re-analyse or re-do some studies from the past. Early on I think because of lack of experience or not knowing how to engage full-well with the subject, I  took one approach which was naturally less eloquent. Not that I have any sort of perfect technique now, but it is interesting to re-approach subjects from the past and see how one might approach them anew.

In particular, some of my studies of the bones and anatomical breakdown of figures, I would like to take up a focused study again.
Here is an image that I did in 2006, followed by one I did more recently for comparison.



Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Looking at progress from the past

One of the points on my list was looking back at progress from the past as a gauge for current directions.

Sometimes my art comes and goes in cycles or phases. Currently, I have a rather modeled approach with markers as you can see below.

There have been times in the past when I have taken a much looser approach as in the sketches below from May, 2015. I think that I may like to try to return a bit to the immediacy of that style of sketching. Of course that was in May and we are now in December. My fingers do get numb sketching in the cold outdoors. It is probably that weather has an effect on my style choices too.

Here is another sketch from roughly the same time period which has a looseness that I like that leaves details to the imagination.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Starting Again

It has been a while... and that is such a trite way to start things off, but it is what it is...
Saturday a few friends met at the Stone Spiral coffee shop and discussed 30 Day goals.

Some points or motivating thoughts that we went over. and  was a list that I took from elsewhere but fit the situation well.
  • Visualize success
  • Weigh now against later
  • Create accountability
  • Break it down into manageable pieces
  • Take a day off if needed
  • Make it something of a routine
  • Surround yourself with success
  • Look back at what you have accomplished
  • Prep for success by planning ahead for tough choices you may have to make
  • Know that you can - Believe.
My goal for the month was to take a departure from my  sketchbooks and to do something of a narrative sequential art for 30 days. Hey, for those who know it is National Novel Writing Month anyway. If I can't write a novel, at least I can dip my toe in  a literary angle on my art by coming up with a narrative to carry through the 30 days.

One thing I notice is that I am likely often to float from one thing to the next like a butterfly and that doesn't lend itself to artistic continuity. I need to allow myself time to play around, but I also need to front load my plans with some more structured goals. So, there I have it!

Secondarily, I also have to complete my last 30 day project and come up with 4 watercolor paintings from the previous sketchbook. Together, this sounds like a full month. So how am I to embrace the above points and admix them with my goals to create some artwork?  That is the task to lay out in the next few days and month.


Toward my goal, I have started off with a brand new empty spiral bound sketchbook.

Artist's Loft Wirebound Sketchbook

Probably the best way when experimenting with something new is to just jump headlog in and learn while doing.Give yourself some room to fail in your effort to succeed and know that one can learn while pushing forward. So that is how I'm going to proceed. Thirty days isn't a lot of time to plan and cogitate, especially while I have to work a day job... 
To, be continued...


So the theme that I will begin with is some cave people from 200000 BC. That will be the premise, They will encounter many things in their goings on and we will see what develops. They will  be ape-like primitive humans.
As a b it of background material, I will be reading along with  The Caimbridge Encyclopedia of Human Evolution, and Sapiens, A  Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari

Visually, below
is some digital artwork that I created with the theme in mind.These are all placeholders towards keeping the end-goal in mind and visualizing success.

So, enough of the talk and on to the drawing.

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