Wednesday, September 19, 2018

An important note for the meetup group that I organize

On Scheduling Models

This is an important group message that has been discussed openly in the past, but needs to be revisited.

Please note: I am not referring to some professionals that I know who handed their business card discreetly to a model. I am aware of this and that has been alright so far.

For the safety of our models and reputation of or group to name a few reasons, it is important for all people who give the public perception through the tools of this group that they are organizing events or arranging models to do it only through their role as an Event Organizer... or else to do it outside of the group.

By this, I mean that if you are not an assigned Event Coordinator/Organizer you are taking on an unsafe and confusing privilege to make such arrangements and you are putting the viability of the group at risk. Therefore this will not be tolerated as we do enjoy having a safe group and will continue to aim for this.

Appropriate ways to refer a model to the group or reply is if information is requested by a model, to refer them to an organizers contact info email.  Do not confuse the two situations:
  1. Being asked directly for info and passing a model off to the organizer (GOOD)
  2. You(a non-organizer) requesting a model who you do not know, to pose using our group tools when that is not your role.(BAD)
Roles exist for a reason.

Here is a  concept that if you are in question to familiarize yourself with(You know who you are).

The Japanese have a concept known as Arigata-meiwaku.  The rough translation is “Unwelcome Kindness” or “Misplaced Kindness”. 

Arigata-meiwaku is used to describe a situation in which someone does something for you that you didn’t want them to do, and you tried to avoid it.  Nevertheless, the person went through with the plan, determined to help you or show their support, and despite all of the trouble or irritation it caused, you are expected to express gratitude as a result of social convention. 
To follow that up, This is not an isolated thing and has been dealt with directly before by other means many times. The group will not be put in jeopardy because of some silly nod to social convention ie. kindness.  The rules are clear. Don't be a person who is not an organizer  that tries to be  an organizer of the meetup and unsafely offer to schedule models. If you do so, you will be banned plain and simple. I always hate having to deal with things like this, but it is sometimes necessary.

Now... Let's move on and keep it fun!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Eunice at the Blue Mat Group

Drawings of Others

Below are some drawings of others from the session last night. If I was not able  to associate a name, please let me know and I will add it.

by Jean-Joel

by Jean-Joel

by Kelly Bandalos

by Thomas Sepe

by Lisa Wilson

Monday, September 17, 2018

New Session! - Costume Draw at the Artists' Guild

Kate posed for our first new monthly costumed session at the Artists' Guild.
Come draw every third Monday at 6:00pm.

Next month's muse / model will be Kyle!

What is in a sketch? What is enough information and what is too little or to much? What is to be gained from a sketch when looking at it later? Does the sketch convey what is going on no matter how abstract, simplified or detailed? Is a sketch a form of notation, or is it a piece of artwork in its own right?

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Lisa @ Marlene's

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