Saturday, May 24, 2008

Draw at the Missouri Botanical Garden

Sam's Sturgeon:

This morning I was not sure the day would work out. It was beginning to rain and our Meetup was at 2:00pm. To my pleasant surprise, it never went beyond a light sprinkle, and eventually warmed up.

I understand for any of those who were unable to make it, as it was really looking like it was going to be a wash. Anyway, both Sam and I attended, and it was great. We began by the fountain. and walked in a winding circle around the garden drawing along the way. Thanks Sam for coming. It was great to meet, take in the scenery, and commit some of it to paper.

Side-by-side Sketches

Brian's Sturgeon and Tree:

It's always a good experience to be able to see how people interpret the same scenes differently. I'm looking forward to future outdoor events where we can see a lot of variety. Please come along and feel free to bring a friend if you would like.

Sam and his drawing of the Gardener Statue

Brian and his drawing of the Gardener Statue