Saturday, June 27, 2009

More Nudeling at Teya's (SKETCH Meet!)

We like to coordinate events with The STL Artist/Model/Photographer Co-Op. Click the URL and check them out. Teya is known to be a lively host, and organizes (to say the least) a grand assortment of famous and infamous (I'm sure she likes a litle infamy now and again) events.





We thank Teya for the wonderful opportunity to come together and draw and share usually at least a pair if not three models. That takes a good turnout, and she usually delivers.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Streetside Figure Drawing

"It's Friday in the Central West End and we will take figure drawing to the streets!

Join us at 4742 MacPherson where we will draw the beautiful Stephanie as she poses (costumed) right there on the sidewalk in the heady, urban flow of people, music, street performers, food, drink and Art. Your setup should be small and portable. If it rains, we'll work in the nearby West End Antiques Gallery.

This gathering is free. And the last time we did it, it was a blast!"

Monday, June 22, 2009

Coffee Shop Conversations

Coffee Shop Conversation

Looks like we had a cast replacement, though his approach seems the same.
Conversation II

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Figure Drawing 101 - Just a normal night of drawing!

Another Great Session

This was an exceptional session and we saw a few new faces we knew from other parts of town. Shannon was a very patient model and sat through some tough poses with grace.

The Description:

"Lively, supportive, and helpful group of drawers open to all levels of artists and media. Informal but intense atmosphere to draw in. Good work, good times, good music, and good folks.

Normal night of figure drawing - one model - I think we will focus upon lighting the model dramatically to create strong form and contrasts. Ale is providing the tunes - she is going to do 'normal' music....

6:45-10pm - please show up on time so we can begin promptly at 7pm.

Snacks and vino will be on hand - please feel free to bring something also to share... if we do not use it this evening, we will the next!"

Thanks, C

"I had a great time, and Shannon, the model, had great poses." - Captain Mark

Figure Drawing at St. Louis Artist's Guild

Figure Drawing at St. Louis Artist's Guild

Figure Drawing at St. Louis Artist's Guild

Figure Drawing at St. Louis Artist's Guild

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday at the Guild with Ale

June 11
Guild Crashing - Figure Drawing/Painting: Long Pose

We had an excellent turnout for the Thursday Guild Drawing Session at the Saint Louis Artist's Guild, and dinner together before-hand. It was nice to see so many people turn out. Alessandra Modeled for us this time. It was her first time at The Artist's Guild.

Tomas above

Cathy and Chris above

Watercolor by Elaine above

Drawing by Judy above

Watercolor by Brian above

The model(Alessandra) and her likeness by an artist of The Guild 

Alessandra in Crayon

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Drawing Figures and Sculpture in the Cemetery

Alessandra - our model

Note: Because of popularity, we will have this event again this month (July 11).

"We will have Alessandra model (pictured here) for us in the Bellefontaine Cemetery. Could be spooky, but surely it will be fun!"

Alessandra was kind enough to model for us again this time in the Calvary Cemetery.


Drawings above by Chad