Sunday, October 25, 2009

Drawing at The City Museum

Day 14

Clown Costume Sketch

Alessandra as a Clown

Day 13

Color Study of Clown Costume

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Figure Drawing in Crayon

Day 12


Pen Sketch of Two Models

Color Crayons and Waterpen

Day 11

The Neocolor Crayons and waterpen are very gritty and dirty this way they blend. I like that! It's juicy like a bacon sandwich with tomatoes. Don't hold the mayo please!

More Marker

Day 10

The problem now is to get a better base drawing before going into the color. I seeem to be so hurried though because the people I am drawing may moove so quickly. Guess I need to jus tmake color swatch notes off to the side to establish my palette and then spend some time on the line drawing.

Reading The Morning News

The day was rainy and so the light was cool and the shadows warm.

Sleeping Man


Troubleshooting Session

Yes, it is true. There is never a time I do not have a pen affixed to the end of my arm.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Studies in Charachter

Day 9

I am being more conscious not just of my gesture, but of the expression of my line and whether it catches the character of the individual.

Hitting all the Coffee Houses and Eateries in Town

Day 8

Coffee Cartel - Saint Louis, MO

Drawing Materials

Because I was asked about it, here is what I use to draw color sketches:

There was so many colors in this scene when you look and are not afraid to exaggerate. Usually I think exaggeration somehow comes out better than being too cautious. More fun to see the juicy colors! I get the Tombow Markers at Dick Blick, but I'm sure they are available elsewhere.

Uncle Bills Pancake House - Saint Louis, MO

Old Sketches to New iPod Drawings

Day 7

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 4

Today I started sketching at Tower Grove Park. The weather
was pleasant with a slight chill, but not anything a warm
jacket wouldn't take care of. The fall colors were just
beginning to change this week. People were out relaxing on
the grass and looking up at the sky.

It seems strange perhaps to go to the same location repeatedly,
but things are always changing, especially this time
of year. At first I was not paying attention to contrast
and the division in thirds of value, but soon I picked up
on this habit again and carried through the remainder of
the day's sketching.

I got one color sketch off before deciding that the sketch
book I was using was not very suited for watercolor.
It is sturdy paper, but not absorbent.

After the park, I ended up at Panera Bread on Grand Avenue
after making a brief stop at Dunaway Books.

There were some cool red Chinese style lamps that would
have made a fun full watercolor study. A medium sized
watercolor sketchbook is in my near future, I can tell.

By this time, I was really getting warmed up. I can tell
by the last drawing below that things were comming off
much faster.

It's maddness, I know, but than I was off to Mokabes
which has an entirely different atmosphere. It's smoky
as well, so usually I don't go.

I think in the future it might be good to not
just go for volume, but work up to some more
developed pieces.