lunes, 19 de octubre de 2009

Hitting all the Coffee Houses and Eateries in Town

Day 8

Coffee Cartel - Saint Louis, MO

Drawing Materials

Because I was asked about it, here is what I use to draw color sketches:

There was so many colors in this scene when you look and are not afraid to exaggerate. Usually I think exaggeration somehow comes out better than being too cautious. More fun to see the juicy colors! I get the Tombow Markers at Dick Blick, but I'm sure they are available elsewhere.

Uncle Bills Pancake House - Saint Louis, MO

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  1. I like these because they're not dependent on black lines, color only. Your pen work is good but these offer a different experience and story. Nice.

  2. Thanks Richard and Lisa. Sure it's not a maddness? Fine line...