Friday, July 28, 2006

Sketching from the SoFA IV

Thanks everyone who commented on SoFA!

(demented) When starting off it's always a question who likes the back and forth c&c and who doesn't. I'm glad to be able to get some good talk going.

Markers are fun and also frustrating. I agree, Mentler's quality is a lot to live up to. I think that I need to draw with more courage and speed. I drag my pen too slowly, and the vitality suffers.

(sonboss) I'm using the disposable Koh-I-Noors, and some of the Tombo ABT markers with one stiff nib and the other end a long, flexible brush-like nib. I haven't quite tamed the brush end yet.

Here, today I left the markers for a bit last night. I did a drawing from

1.) tv
2.) a photograph (the really loose suggestive one)
3.) from an image that popped into my head (the one on black)

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