Tuesday, March 6, 2007


I like the above pose; perhaps I should do an actual drawing of it with a little more study of the weakest parts.
Anybody ever get somebody in the class who just doesn't like the model? Last night one of the guys in the class expressed afterwards how he absoloutely hated the male model. I was like... "yeah ok" at first, but he kept going on... and on... I think he wanted to kick the model in the teeth! There was another woman who didn't like a female model in the past. She expressed similar hate.

 I suppose seeing someone naked or on the model stand who you don't like , and having to draw them can just amplify your distaste. It reminds me of one time when I really disliked the poses that a particular male model was taking, and didn't really appreciate his features either. I just tried to abstract myself from the relationship, and simply draw the geometry and lighting. It removes you from the distaste (or lack of inspiration) you may feel, and makes a night that could be regrettable into a sort of experiment in seeing a thing differently.

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