Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Daily Sketches from Saint Louis, MO

Daily Sketches from Saint Louis, MO

At top an older woman in bikini top and jeans shorts rests atop her bag as she waits for the bus at Shrewsbury Metro Station. She seems like a holdover from the hippie era.

Lisa gets a haircut at David's Hair Salon on Grand Avenue. It was a rough sketch and didn't do her justice as a portrait...

Lisa's cousin Margie sits waiting for the next appointment at the hair salon as she reads a magazine.

At bottom is a sketch of 8th and Market Street in Downtown Saint Louis. The one that includes the dome of the old courthouse is drawn the next day from the opposite vantage point. In the one in color you can see the Union Station in the far background. In the other the old courthouse and the Arch behind it.

I decided to use sharpie highlighter markers to just suggest color in a few sketches. Although not very acurate, they get the idea across. It saves time fussing about color palette.

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