Monday, September 16, 2013

Continuing Jae

Some might think that as I haven't done many comprehensive digital pieces before that I am obsessing a bit on this, but in fact, I am just taking this and many of my recent works more to a state of completion.

You may have noted previously that the black and white study that I did was more finished. It was. I then began to draw transparently over it on a new layer, this however I soon discovered would begin to produce what would end up resulting in a piece with a lethargic energy much like a badly colorized antique photo.

This was something that I did not want. To deal with this the drawing had to be begun much like I was starting over with to establish the broad palette of colors in a very direct fashion that avoided fussing for the time being with the details. Here is that beginning which will after a little more work make the foundation of the finished work.

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