Friday, September 13, 2013

Sketching Melinda

More refined drawing above - sketches below
Sketching digitally in Brushes 3
When sketching digitally in Brushes 3, you can do so on a layer and choose a background to suit you. I took several paper textures as examples of what can be done. I adjusted the transparency of my stroke to resemble the hardness of a pencil. As I drew, I chose to reduce the transparency as I  might in choosing a softer pencil.

If I chose a darker background, I could also add a second layer in which I would draw in white to simulate white chalk. In doing this I only use white on the white layer to highlight and black on the black layer to resemble pencil. I always erase on each layer as opposed to using white to negate the black pencil lines. This keeps things clear and flexible.

Some Recent Pen and Ink Sketches:

Melinda 1
Melinda 2
Melinda 3
Melinda 4
Melinda 5

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