Friday, October 4, 2013

Cleaning House

In the time since I have been drawing on the iPad, I have accumulated quite a few drawings on my iPad. I worry that they will be lost if the iPad should ever crash. I am taking the old drawings and either deleting them or finishing them off and exporting them. You can export as a PSD fro Procreate or Brushes 3.

The first one was a drawing of Stephanie Macnair. Below I have taken the original drawing from Brushes and exported it to Procreate, which is an application that is starting to become more familiar now. I especially like that unlike some other drawing apps, that you can rotate the canvas as you are drawing to get the best angle to draw. This is much like drawing on a sheet of paper in that respect.

Drawn in Brushes 3

Painted further with Procreate

The paintings of François Baraud have been a source of inspiration for me in this painting. I used them to understand the dramatic effects of light harmonious tone.

Update: Progress here

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