Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Quick Figure Drawing Session

This is a series of drawings which I have started using velum as a surface. I actually like it quite well at the moment. It gives clean lines which some may see as a bit cosmetic, but I find I can also scribble and build up tone on it too.

The first reminds me that perhaps I should not go into a drawing session not warmed up. It is like a form of decompression from the day in which the days pent-up pressure, restriction, constriction, and tight focus slowly comes unwound.

But to be warmed up for the first drawing is to be ready to maximize the use of the model and the time given. Then, intent is more focused and  fewer lines are wasted.

Drawing 1 - 20min

Over a session, straight, clean but lethargic lines and a desire to capture some edge or shape seem become over-thought or misdirected. Then like the day's compromises, they are thrown off. What is disconnected becomes then recombined, whole simple and centered.

This is parallel to the disrobing of the figure which also bears little pretense but is what it is much more plainly.

Drawing 2 - 20min

Drawing 3 - 20min

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