Saturday, November 7, 2020

Sketches from Castlewood State Park

 Today Vihar and I went to Castlewood Park and drew. I was a little bothered by my calf which has been injured it  seems for a week. Hopefully that will improve soon. For this reason, and the reason I bring it up... we didn't hike all the way to the top but wend along the river's edge and drew.

Here are various sketches from the day. I wonder if anyone else would understand my sketches like some odd handwriting?

When things are moving around only a simple idea can be captured. Some Hispanic women with their long black hair watched as their children ran back and forth on the sand and waded their toes in the water despite signs saying nobody was to swim or wade. 

Also, a few varieties of dogs of  played as happily as the humans on the sand and jumped into the water with no hesitation.

The contrast of the various elements changed as the sky pushed clouds past. At once the water was gleaming light reflecting the sky and then the beach gleamed whiter as the water went a somber darker tone under the clouds. 

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