Sunday, September 4, 2016

Drawing at Blueprint Coffee Day II

Had a great morning of drawing. The crowd was thick for morning coffee at Blueprint Coffee. Anna, (an aspiring animator), and I drew as people placed their orders and kept up with the scene with our pens and ink.

Child: "Mom why do they call this place Blueprint?" 
Mom: "Because I think they followed the blueprint to make the prefect coffee."

Some things we discussed (plus a few extras) that I wanted to note around techniques and themes were:
  1. Drawing small boxes with limited lines (like 10) 
  2. Drawing the panoramic scene.
  3. One and two point perspective 
  4. Breaking down multiple views of a scene as it progresses.
  5. Action drawing versus precision and finding a balance.
  6. The concept of the cartoon as a simplified gesture
  7. Breaking down sub-regions of a scene
  8. Figures in motion
  9. Textures
  10. Symbolizing
Over the next week I will break down what I can of each of these points a couple per day..

Out front of Blueprint Coffee

Drawings by Brian

Drawing by Anna

Detail of Completed drawing by Anna

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