Sunday, September 4, 2016

Urban Sketching - Old Webster Groves

I finished off the day with a few panels from Old Webster Groves. While drawing Russsel Vanecek and his wife ran into me sketching during an evening out. We usually run into each other at Marlene's Studio. 

This time the last few days I have been drawing very quickly and gesture-like. I am going to try the same subjects that I drew yesterday again today and this time be more intent on accuracy as a goal and more minimalist in  capturing the details of the scene. 

As I sat drawing, I watched a train pass at the intersection of  North Gore Ave and West Pacific Ave. As an intersection, it does have a feel of an older more idyllic North American town from a time past as a group of teen boys walked across the tracks and horsed around while a few other locals walked up and down Gore around dinner time...

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